Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Recipe of the Week: Riz sauté (sautéed rice)

A good meal. I always like the crispy sheet of slightly-burned rice that you can peel from the bottom of the pot, so I would try making it in a thick pan - also, my personal preference is to load on the veggies, though I notice that people actually pick them out here. Oh, for shame!!! The following vague quantities were observed in the making of two dinners' worth of rice - so total, 10 or 12 servings.

1. heat peanut, palm, or soybean oil in the bottom of a thick pot, about 1 cup
2. when oil hot, add in finely sliced tomatoes, onions, garlis, and salt - cook til onions yellow and tender
3. now add finely diced carrots, celeri, green beans, and chopped parsley and/or coriander
4. sauté all flavor ingredients (condiments), then throw into the sizzle some rinsed (but otherwise dry, no additional water yet) rice
5. sauté the "dry" rice and condiments mixture for a few mintues, turning constantly so that the rice does not burn
6. add more spices - Maggi tomato stock cubes, a pimon pepper, and salt and pepper as desired
7. now pour in proper amount of water to boil rice (i still have no idea how to calculate this...), cover, and cook


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