Monday, October 24, 2005

Recipe of the Week: Haricots (beans, simply)

A nice, easy meal, to be eaten with rice or bread or hard-boiled eggs. This is the first Cameroonian meal I prepared and cooked all by myself! ...AND people ate it!!! This recipe will make dinner for 6.

1. wash and rinse beans in cold water, soak uncovered overnight
2. rinse beans again, fill pot with fresh water, add beans, and boil covered until beans are done and soft - about 2 hours
3. strain beans, set aside
4. in pot, heat about 4 cups of oil (here, used soybean oil) til boiling, then add finely chopped tomato, onion, and garlic, and mix and fry til soft (onion yellow in color)
5. mix in half a cube of maggi tomato stock (like dry, concentrated, slightly spiced and very salty tomato paste powder), some salt and pepper
6. add beans to oil, pour water to cover them, and let the whole pot "fry" uncovered for about 30 minutes...until water gone, and beans delicious!

should not be oily.


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