Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Photos! Visual Stimulation!

Go to, then register as ¨¨ with password ¨cameroon¨. You will have access to all of my photos, including the Cameroonian ones. Only about half successfully uploaded, but that's enough to give you all an idea of the wonderful, beautiful peoples and places I've met.

First photos are from Dschang, with family Thomas and Therese, as well as a few photos from the village (note small girl with cous-cous that I tried to sneak). These photos end with Therese's portraits, in pink. Then there are photos of me and Noelle on the bus from Dschang to Yaounde; the river we passed; some pictures of the city; photos of Jonas and Aline's house and family; and finally photos from the lab this morning. I was especially drawn to the ¨Vedette Beaute¨ (¨Movie Star Beauty¨) sign on the kitchen door, because I thought it contrasted to poignantly with the neglected kitchen and molding I took lots of pictures, trying to capture the dim message. Pictures of new family, Ousman and Habida and kids, to come.

Please note: hours spent in cuisine with Therese, cous-cous and koki's fantastic methods of preparation, my angst to get out of Jonas's house (me pointing to my bedroom window, the only viable exit because my door was always locked), and the ironic door sign in Jonas's kitchen. Doesn't the lab look nice?!




Blogger leon said...

wow i think you have done more in the past two weeks than i will do, lets see, ever. well actually i did wash clothes today. good to see you are having a good time, and thanks for the justins birthday reminder email. (kidding i remembered)

9:29 PM  
Blogger pai hearts mara more said...

neurons fire!

9:02 PM  

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