Monday, September 05, 2005

a poem to last until departure

i'm writing pre-departure,
for my bro has given me trouble,
about being a bad blogger
and not making comments double.

"for every question a response!"
he insists that i communicate,
and since we live together,
all my excuses go to waste.

so to gray's expectant question,
concerning blog post frequency,
i have but one sure answer:
dammit, NOTHING rhymes with frequency!

each week i'll try to share my life,
writing once and perhaps twice,
and depending on my inspiration,
there might appear postings thrice.

so check in every thursday, or
alternate sunday/tuesday if you please;
mondays, as well, look mighty fine,
for sending me some cheese.
(i mean, for reading the blog. but cheese is definitely appreciated, thanks.)

finally i have reached the end
with a long and winding style;
please remind me not to be a poet,
for my art would stretch a mile.

sincerely, me


Blogger Gray said...

hehe - i love it

11:00 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

mara, Have you arrived in Dschang? I ran into Baruch Fischhoff's daughter Maya who spent a semester in Yaounde as a peace corps intern and I will share your blog with her. pjm

10:22 AM  

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