Sunday, December 18, 2005

Recipe of the Week: Dakkere (yoghurt cous-cous)

This is a rich, refreshing, and nicely textured yoghurt dish for a breakfast or late-night treat. You can prepare the parts separately far in advance, and just mix as you eat! It was served at the Bar Laitier (Dairy Bar) with a bowl of fine sugar to sweeten to taste; in Idool, it was the main breakfast dish, accompanied by tea, avocado slices, and sugar and honey. One other difference; the standard dakkere cous-cous is the kind we find in stores (and in tabouli and other middle eastern dishes); the dakkere cous-cous in Idool is the gold standard and somewhat gourmet, made from dried sweet potatoes and like a course, dark, and pungent flour. Thickest yoghurt is best. This is the recipe that we are all more likely to make...

plain yoghurt, preferably not non- or low-fat
fine white or brown sugar, as desired

1. prepare cous-cous, drain well and keep slightly warm
2. cool yoghurt
3. put sugar in a cute little bowl with an even cuter, even littler spoon
4. serve three parts unmixed

mix and eat. yum again!


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